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Partnership for Local Advisors
All you need for a succesful Transaction!
M&A World Strategic Partnership for M&A Advisors
M&A World Strategic Partnership for M&A Advisors
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We appreciate the opportunity to present to you M&A World services for M&A Advisors globally. Our main goal is to deliver highly professional, but cost effectve solutions. Members can order all the services of M&A World according to the former breakdowns with own logo and design at discounted prices and re-sale them to their clients. M&A World Support Center would be delighted to serve as the outsourcing partner of the Members. Basic Membership is always open for new members, for exclusive Strategic Partnership please contact us. Before starting any cooperaton all the Members need to sign Confidentality and Non-Circumventon Agreements. Thanks to our unique deal sharing system, innovatve buy- and sell-side solutons, industrial specific professionals, M&A World significantly reduces the amount of tme it takes to close a deal. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward working with you.


Basic Membership

M&A World delivers basic membership, recommanded for M&A Advisors, capable for cross-border transactons. Members are selected because they adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, as well as share our desire to serve clients. The combinaton of M&A Online Global Deal Network, M&A Smart Agent and the latest IT technolo- gies results compettve advantage in the transacton process. Basic Members are allowed to post and manage buy- and sell-side listngs at M&A Online Global Deal Network without limitaton. M&A Smart Agent sends automatc notficatons according to the pre-defined search requirements to all members, whenever a new match is made, giving an advantage in the search process. Access to M&A Smart Dashboard ensures direct communicatons to all M&A World members and grants free deal sharing without limitaton.


Strategic Partnership

M&A World delivers EXCLUSIVE Strategic Partnership, recom manded for M&A Advisors, capable for cross-border transac- tions. Members are selected because they adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, as well as share our desire to serve clients. The combination of exclusive rights, global network, complex M&A support and the latest IT technologies speeds up the successful deal closes worldwide. In additon to the basic membership M&A World grants to the Strategic Partner exclusive right for the Strategic Area shares all directly upcoming investors and targets for further management allows to use exclusive Partnership for own marketng purposes provides featured partnership, blog and advertsement opportunites at M&A Global Deal Network supports the Strategic Partner with priority provides all M&A Smart services at discounted prices and allows to resale them with own logo and design.


Advertisement Package

Would you like to advertise your services to M&A World users, over 30.000 companies from 125 countries? Sellers, investors, advisors and other M&A related professionals are here for you! M&A World advertisement package includes product, service, company introductions, blog posts and featured partnership at M&A World global deal network and in the annual newsletter (510.000 copies). Meet your marketing goals and maximize your company’s visibility by becoming a M&A World Partner. M&A World delivers your message with a distinct style and focused. Do not waste time, get started now!