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Pharmaceutical Laboratory for sale

56.0 M€

Pharmaceutical Laboratory for sale

Net Revenue: 36.0 M€   EBITDA: 15.0 M€   Number of Employees: 50   

Family owned business with more than 100 years, strong track record and expansion plans in progress. The shareholders are considering divesting its stake in the company sincethere isa successionlack. The laboratory employs over 330 employees and more than 30 sales representatives working throughout the Brazilian territory. Although the company produces only medicine, It is authorized to manufacture medicines, cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries. There are 31 medication records at ANVISA, among
Listed by Daniel Rivera, Elit Capital on Friday, 03 March 2017 [Seller (Sell-side)] - Ref.: 20
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Household plastic producer business is open for sale

50.0 M€

Household plastic producer business is open for sale

Net Revenue: 50.0 M€   EBITDA: 20.0 M€   Number of Employees: 525   

Household plastic producer business is open for sale. The Company is one of the leading plastic producer of household gadgets (injection molding technology), however, it is not engaged in business with automotive sector. 99% of the business is B2C, not B2B.
Listed by M&A World Support Center, M&A World Business Support Center on Wednesday, 01 March 2017 [Seller (Sell-side)] - Ref.: 25
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